Points to consider when choosing a server for your company!


With the help of shared hosting, hosting company usually install the firewalls, applications for the server security and other programs. Also, experts in the security are also tasked with providing the stable and safe operating atmosphere for the company on the shared servers. Moreover, securing the dedicated server will also be the responsibility of the company. Configuring the software for detecting as well as mitigating the threats falls to the IT department, the hosting company is just responsible as it can keep the server powered and perfectly secured server physically. On the netherlands 100tb server, the IT team will simply control security programs when you install. On the other hand, as your company is only available user, there are some less chances to attain the viruses, malware or even the spyware because of the poor neighbors as well as misconfigured security. Though it also seems to be counter intuitive, there is certainly higher risk to get the attack vectors that are being exploited through the shared hosting.

IP Back linking

The Shared servers mainly introduce most interesting risk vector as there is also some chance that Google and different search engines will possibly blacklist the websites as someone else on server had engaged in the illegal or in the discouraged practices such as spamming. On the other hand, Bad neighbors on the shared server may even get the complete IP address blacklisted, thereby making the websites almost invisible. On dedicated netherlands 100tb server, this is incredibly unlikely that you will become blacklisted – till the time the organization engages in any of the unethical or any of the illegal practices of internet. We actually don’t suggest that!

Response time of server On the shared hosting, there are some of the unexpected bursts of the web traffic which can simply drain limited bandwidth of the server. This leads with the slow response times along with the slow time of loading, as there are no such direct fault of own – thereby leading to the frustrating customers and even the employees. You are also at whims of some other customers. When the neighbor suddenly as well as unexpectedly gets much popular, you will get stuck in the traffic jam about nowhere to go. Similar traffic jam situation is unlikely on the dedicated server. As you are not sharing the resources on the dedicated server, you may also count on the server to extremely high responsive with sufficient bandwidth while you require it.